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When enabled and configured, LDAP is used as an additional authentication method when the username and password are entered. LDAP is basically tried after easydb’s own authentication and is only used if there is no easydb user with the given name.

Enable LDAP support

LDAP is implemented as a plug-in, which must be activated explicitly:

    - base.ldap

Plugin configuration

A list of configurations (in the example given below: a configuration from the first “-”) is given. The first configuration is used in which the user can be authenticated. A configuration consists of a block for authenticating the user (user), a group for finding linked groups (group) and a block for mapping the LDAP information in the easydb (environment).

Example configuration:

  - user:
      protocol: ldap
      basedn: dc=example,dc=com
      filter: '(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=%(Login)s))'
      protocol: ldap
      basedn: dc=example,dc=com
      filter: '(&(memberUid=%(user.uid)s)(objectClass=groupOfNames))'
          attr: user.uid
          regex_match: '$'
          regex_replace: '@LDAP'
          regex_match: '^'
          regex_replace: 'ldap.'
        login: '%(u_login)s'
        displayname: '%(user.givenName)s %('
        email: '%(user.mail)s'
        - attr: g_ldap_prefixed
        - attr:


Frequently Asked Questions

How to map easydb rights to members of LDAP groups

How to map LDAP groups to easydb goups

How to find the correct name of the LDAP group

Depending on your LDAP configuration (see above), the correct name to use in the group mapping may be the common name of the LDAP group or the distinguished name or even some other version of the LDAP group name.

To see the group names which your easydb is comparing during mapping…: - Log into your easydb using an LDAP account which is a member of at least one group. This group should match all requirements used in your easydb configuration (see above). - Read the last few log messages of the easydb server which include the string group. Here is a typical linux command to do this:

grep groups /srv/easydb/easydb-server/var/imexporter.log | tail

The output could look like the following line:

[c13ea92a][2018-12-31T23:59:59.999999][    68][    INFO][           base.ldap] user record: {'_groups': ['Alle-Mitarbeiter', 'sec_Kommunikation', 'Bilderarchiv'],

In the example above you should use one of the three group names as written there, without the single quotes, e.g. sec_Kommunikation

How to see the easydb groups of a login session

Who is allowed to login?

All accounts in LDAP are allowed to login into easydb. If you want to restrict Login to certain Groups in your LDAP, then please contact us and we will discuss the implementation.