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easydb-server.yml is the typical main configuration file for the containers easydb-server and easydb-webfrontend. But it is not the only one. For more information on this, see configuration.

easydb-server.yml is read from the subdirectory config of the base directory which was chosen during installation.


The supported types are:

Easydb-Type YAML-Type Comments
String String
Integer Integer
Boolean Boolean, String, Integer true: true, "on", "1", 1
false: false, "off", "0", 0, null, not set
File String either absolute or relative to the YAML file in which the variable is defined
Catalogue String as file
File-List Sequence of Strings not set = null = empty list
each file is absolute or relative to the YAML file in which it is defined, i.e. a list can contain files with different relative paths

Variables are structured in maps, but a general map is not a valid type for a variable.


If a variable has already been defined, its value is replaced if it is redefined at a later time. Further opportunities are:

      - base.custom-data-type-link
      - base.custom-data-type-gnd

A list of easydbs variables can be found here.