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Quick access

The quick access provides options to manage compilations of records. These are, on the one hand, dynamic folders, such as saved searches and ad hoc folders for records processed on a daily basis. And on the other hand, manual compilations, including own and shared collections. With < the quick access can be switched on and off.

Overview in quick access

easydb provides the following options in the quick access:

Collection Subordinate Description
Search Corresponds to the current number of data records available in easydb. You can click here if you want to return to the main search from a collection. The number on the right shows the number of available records.
Worked an today Contains the records you have been working on today. The current day is determined from 0:00 to 23:59. For previous changes on records use the Change history in the Expert search. The number on the right shows the amount of records you have worked on today.
Created The records that you created today. The number on the right shows the amount of records you have created today.
Changed The records that edited today. The number on the right shows the amount of records you have changed today.
Saved search The matching hits of your search can be saved by using the otion menu . After saving it with a name, it is stored here and can be reused. Here all records are shown that match the criteria set for the saved search. This number is dynamic.
Category browser If activated, lists of secondary object types appear here. By selecting an entry all linked records a shown in the search. The category browser is a filter method that serves as a quick access and acts according to the search via the expert search. The number to the right of the category shows the amount of entries belonging to the category. The number to the right of each category entry indicates the amount of linked records.
My collections Compilations of records created by the user. The number to the right of the collections indicates the amount of records linked in that collection.
Shared collections Compilations of records shared by other users. The authorizations for the collection that the creator has assigned apply. The number on the right shows the amount of linked records in this collection .

Search in quick access

Via the search field in the quick access it is possible to limited all options to corresponding hits. The names of the saved searches, the entries from the category browser and the folders (but not the data records linked to them) are searched. Matching entries are filtered and not matching entries are hidden.