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Category Browser

It is possible to activate secondary object types for the quick access via the object type management. The activated secondary object types appear as category below the saved searches in the quick access.

Collection Explenation
Category Browser If activated, lists of secondary object types appear here as categories, which allow quick access to linked records. The category browser is a filter method that serves as a quick access method and acts according to the search via the expert search. The number to the right of the category shows the amount of the entries belonging to the category. The number to the right of each category entry indicates the amount of linked records.

In this example the secondary object type Schlagw√∂rter (keywords) in the screenshot is linked to 476 entries. When openning the category, the entries are output alphabetically and grouped into packages of up to 50 entries. The number behind the individual entry (e.g." Wolken (clouds)" ) indicates the number of linked records with the Schlagwort (keyword) “Wolken (clouds)” .

By clicking on an entry, it is transferred to the search column and the linked records are shown in the hit display.

If fewer hits are displayed, it is possible that not all pools and/or object types are active in the search selection or that you do not have the rights to see them.