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This article describes the configuration for the webfrontend which can be done in the server. All configuration for the webfrontend are inside a default_client map.


The following table describes each key in the map.

Format Description Default
default_client List Is the parent element which contains client related settings
asset_browser_max_preview_filesize Integer Up to this size, preview images for the display in the asset browser are considered. If not set to -1, the Original is never taken into account. If set to 0, all sizes and the original are taken into account -
audio_player_use_original Boolean If set, the audio player also uses the original as source for the HTML5 audio tag. false
collection_refresh_rate_seconds Integer Number of seconds waited until the fixed searches in the Finder are updated. 30
  instance String Optional overwrite to the the identifier for the storage client on Fylr. If not set, the instance name of easydb is used. -
  level String Overwrites the highest permitted database rights level. Allowed values are: development, commit, current. -
  server Url Url of the Fylr server to store a common datamodel among multiple easydb servers. -
  uid String UID of the Fylr storage. -
debug Boolean If set, the client is in debug mode, i.e. there are dump options in the context menu. false
  url String Url of the Fylr server ending in /zip to support ZIP downloads for certain customer solutions. -
index_html_body_include File Name of HTML file to be included in body part of index.html. It is recommended to put this file into the config directory next to the configuration files and reference it from the configuration using the /config prefix, e.g. /config/include_body.html. You can use this config to inject your own HTML into the main easydb webfrontend startpage. This can be used to serve a Sitemap. Since easydb is a single page app, the index.html is the only file loaded directly from the webserver. Afterwards, all changes in the DOM are done by Javascript. This is important to keep in mind when adding an analytics tool using this mechanism. -
index_html_head_include File Name of HTML file to be included in head part of index.html. See index_html_body_include for additional notes. -
print_limit Integer Limit the maximum number of objects that can be printed. 250
suggest_disable Boolean If set, suggestions in input fields are disabled false
tag_colors String Comma-separated list. Color clases for the tags. green, red, blue, yellow
tag_icons String Comma-separated trick. Icon names for tag icons that can be stored for tags. Font-Awesome and CUI designations are allowed bolt, check, cloud, warning, legal
video_player_use_original Boolean If set, the video player also uses the original as source for the HTML5 video tag. false
webdvd_player_open_window_parameter String HTML compliant string for Settings for opening the new browser window to play a web DVD -