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Right Preset

A right preset contains a list of rights and optionally a tagfilter. It is used to configure ACL entries with these values as presets. If a right preset changes the ACL entry linking it will also have a new effect. A right preset exists in a specific right context (see /api/right).

A right preset consists of:

Name Description
_basetype Name of the base type (string, r): right_preset
right_preset Right preset attributes:
_id Right preset ID (integer, not null, unique, r)
_version Right preset version (integer, rw)
_position Right preset position (integer, not null, unique for a given context, rw)
displayname Name used to display the right preset (l10n, optional)
description Description (l10n, optional)
preset Preset attributes (partial ACL entry, rw)

The partial ACL entry in preset only contains the attributes rights and tagfilter.