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Assets are uploaded to the EAS using one of the following calls:

These calls return an asset record. The asset record is linked to an object using [POST /api/db]. The call must provide the asset _id and can also set or update the fields marked as writable in the table below.


Name Description Search
_id Asset ID (integer, unique for an EAS, rw) Number
eas_parent_id Asset ID of this asset’s “parent” (integer, rw): the client can override this value
preferred Whether this is the preferred version (boolean, rw) (*) Boolean
name Name for the asset (string, rw)
class_extension Asset class and extension, separated by a point (string, r): for example, “image.jpg” String
compiled Compiled information about the asset (string, r)´: for example, “jpg image, 800 x 600 @ 24 bit, 154.8 kB”
original_filename Original filename (string, r) String (*)
upload_date Upload date (timestamp, r) Timestamp
upload_user User that uploaded this asset (user (short), r) Number (*)
insert_date When this asset was linked with its object (timestamp, r) Timestamp
filesize File size, in bytes (integer, r) Number
technical_metadata Technical metadata (based on the original version)
width Width, in pixels (integer, r) - for class “image” Number
height Height, in pixels (integer, r) - for class “image” Number
max_dimension Max dimension (width or height), in pixels (integer, r) - for class “image” Number
format Image format (string, r): “landscape”, “square” or “portrait” - for class “image” NotAnalyzed
dpi DPI (integer, r) - for class “image” Number
aspect_ratio Aspect ratio (width/height) (decimal, r) - for class “image” Number
camera_scanner Camera/Scanner model (string, r) - for class “image” String
colordepth Color depth (integer, r) - for class “image” Number
colorprofile Color profile name (string, r) - for class “image” String
colorspace Color space (string, r) - for class “image” NotAnalzed
duration Duration, in seconds (integer, r) - for classes “audio” and “video” Number
audio_codec Audio codec (string, r) - for classes “audio” and “video” NotAnalyzed
video_codec Video codec (string, r) - for class “video” NotAnalyzed
pages Number of pages (integer, r) - for class “office” Number
versions Information about the versions of this asset (versions, r)
_duplicates List of duplicate assets (*)

(*) preferred is only present in Objects, where the assets are stored as an array. It marks the preferred version. (*) upload_user.user._id is searchable as Number (*) original_filename is searchable in “all” if the field is marked as fulltext in the mask. (*) _duplicates is only present in POST /api/eas/put and GET /api/eas if check_for_duplicates is requested.

The following fields are not implemented yet:

Name Description Search
create_date When this asset was created (timestamp, r) Timestamp
modified_date When this asset was modified (timestamp, r) Timestamp
camera Camera (string, r) String


Versions are specified as a map. The EAS rights management configuration specifies which versions are visible:

For each version, there is an attribute with the following properties (read-only):

Name Description
status Processing status (string): pending, processing or done
filesize File size, in bytes (integer)
height Height, in pixels (integer)
width Width, in pixels (integer)
class File class (string)
extension File extension (string)
url URL (string)
zoom_url Zoom URL (string)


Each duplicate is a map with the following properties:

Name Description
_id Asset ID
certainty currently always 1.0
linked_system_objects list of objects linking this asset, currently at most one object
_system_object_id system object ID of linking object
_column_id ID of column the asset is linked from