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Welcome to the easydb documentation


easydb is a flexible web application that allows customers to manage data and information for images and multimedia. easydb has a wide range of possible applications and is often used as a pure image database or for uniform media management for e.g. photos, information, videos, PDFs, office-files and metadata.

easydb has a flexible data model that allows each instance to be tailored to customer needs.

This document describes in general the concepts and mechanisms required for easydb use. Under Solutions you can find information on prefabricated solutions. Individual documentation for instances with customer-specific requirements can be ordered additionally.


Only an online version of this documentation is available. Therefore, we recommend a screen with a resolution of at least 1280 × 1024 pixels. Using the print function in the browser menu, you can print out parts of the documentation.

The documentation includes the technical description, the handling instructions, and descriptive notes.

For the documentation of easydb version 4 please use the following link: (german only).

Web browser

easydb is a web application and is operated via a web browser. Unless otherwise stated, easydb is supported for the latest stable versions of:

We first update and test our software in Google Chrome. Therefore we recommend to use easydb with Google Chrome in the latest version.


We will remedy faults in the following timeframe depending on the fault class (if booked by the customer and not otherwise agreed):

Deficiency class Reaction time Recovery time in case of average
Preventive shortage 2 hours 24 hours = 3 working days
Operational obstruction 8 hours = 1 working day 40 hours = 5 working days = 1 week
Light shortage 24 hours = 3 working days 120 hours = 15 working days = 3 weeks

The times indicated always refer to time slots within our service hours: weekdays 9 am to 5 pm.

Depending on the situation, deficiencies can also be solved in a local workaround instead of in a new version or up to a new version.


The easydb documentation is divided into the following parts:

Here you can find all information about past and future software releases.

This brief guide will take you through the first steps from logging into easydb to uploading the first asset. It gives an overview of the main functions of easydb and provides links to the detailed articles in the documentation.

This part of the documentation serves as a brief guide for the easydb administrator. Here, the installation and configuration of the easydb is explained in a few steps, referring to the main articles in the documentation.

Here is everything important for the system administrator with access to the file system of the server on which easydb runs.

Here you will find examples and information on application-specific solutions.

This part includes all the technical information on design and functions.