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Configuration variables for init script

The configuration file for the init script, which start parameter and Environment settings is located in / Etc/default/EasyDB-asset-server.


Should only be set if a configuration file differs from /etc/opt/easydb/eas/easydb-asset-server.conf should be used. in the Normal case not necessary.


Changes the code directory of the EAS. The default is/opt/easydb/eas, Which is correct for all package installations.


If the EAS is to run as a “www-data” under a different system user, This variable must be set. In the EAS configuration, EAS_EUID correspondingly.


Similar to EAS \ _USER, the group can also be changed. Specification Also here “www-data”. Correspondingly, EAS_EGID adapt.


This variable specifies the maximum number of open files and Network connections for the EAS and all programs launched by the EAS fixed. Default is 8192, which is also for a larger installation Should be sufficient.


Specifies whether the EAS should be started. Only if the variable is the Value 1 (default), the EAS is started. It is only in Exceptional cases, it is necessary to change the value.


The paths refer to paths in the container, not to paths directly on your server that is running the docker container.