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File versioning

File size for download and preview

For each asset (picture, document, etc.) easydb provides automatically calculated variants of each asset, in order to be able to quickly display a small preview and to enable downloading in uniform image sizes.

These standard variants (or versions*) were chosen for user convenience. We recommend that you first check whether these variants are sufficient for you.

If your application requires other variants, additional variants can be configured as follows. To make the changes effective, just restart the easydb-server container.


Add the following lines to the configuration, e.g. config/easydb-server.yml. The storage location of the config directory was defined during the Installation.

Make sure to not create duplicate lines. If a line already exists, e.g. include_before:, then only put the missing line beneath it. Make sure to use correct indentation. If in doubt use a linter tool or ask us for help. Problems of this kind can prevent the easydb from starting. We suggest to keep a backup of your previous configuration.

  - /config/eas_rights_management.yml

  produce_settings: /config/eas_produce.json

The file given for produce_settings defines which variants are created after the upload.

Get the default configuration of variants as a starting point and for editing:

docker cp easydb-server:/easydb-5/base/eas/rights_management.yml /srv/easydb/config/eas_rights_management.yml
docker cp easydb-server:/easydb-5/base/eas/eas-produce.json      /srv/easydb/config/eas_produce.json

For more about the version configuration checkout eas_rights_management.yml and eas_produce.json.