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PDF creator plugin

The PDF creator is a webfrontend plugin.


Make sure you did at least once pull the container images:

docker pull
docker pull

Create the chrome container:

docker run -d -ti \
    --name chrome \
    --restart=always \
    --shm-size=1g \
    --net easy5net \

Check that your container network is easy5net. Use the same for chrome as for the other containers.


To enable the plugin:

In e.g. /srv/easydb/config/easydb-server.yml: (assuming /srv/easydb is your base directory)

    - base.pdf-creator

The easydb-server has to be restarted to make the change effective.

Configuration in the Frontend

  1. Surf to your easydb web URL

  2. Login with an account with administrative privileges

  3. Select in the menu: Base Config - Extended Functions - Fylr URL

  4. Set Fylr URL to your easydb URL plus /fylr/pdf.