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Easydb provides the functions to create presentations for folders. Pro Collection, a presentation can be created, stored for the folder and also exported.

Saved presentations for folders are displayed in the Quick Access folder by clicking on the button in the presentation mode to be started. To open the presentation, open the presentation using the context menu.

Create a presentation

When this feature is set up, presentations can be created by using the context menu. * When openning a presentation, an overview of the slides appears on the left. The first slide (title slide) is preset and can not be removed within easydb. * Additional slides can be added with + via the options menu at the bottom. A selected slide can be removed with -. * The collection name automatically appears as title. The title can be changed manually. * The current slide is displayed in the middle. * The content of the collection is available on the right side and can be dragged and dropped into the slides in the middle. * If a record cotains several images, a selection bar appears at the bottom of the image after drag & drop into the slide. Use the arrows to select the desired image. The pptx-export-file contains the selected image.

Create Presentation

Button Option Description
Selection menu for adding new slides
Free text Creates a slide for entering a text with title
A record slide for a record. The data set can be dragged into the slide from the overview for the folder on the right-hand side. With The record can be removed from the slide again
Two records Slide for two juxtaposed records. The records can be dragged into the slide from the overview for the folder on the right-hand side. With The records can be removed from the slide
All missing … Inserts all unused records of the folder into slides. A slide is generated per record.
Delete selected slide from overview.
Zoom For slides with records, a zoomer is available. It is activated by turning the mouse wheel (zoom-in). The data record can be zoomed into detail or displayed as a full image. The selection in the small view window can be positioned with drag & drop in the image to select the zoomed section.
Double Projection To change the order of records in double projections (slide with two records), the records must be removed and reinserted in the new order
Order The order of the slides can be changed by means of drag & drop. Only the position of the title sheet can not be changed.
For slides with records, a subtitle can be added from the record. For “Standard”, the infomation is taken from the data set, which was defined as the default for the object type.
Starts presentation mode in full screen. You can navigate through the slides using the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Export the presentation

You can export your presentations from easydb in the format pptx for Powerpoint. The format and quality for the export can be selected in the selection dialog.

Export Presentation

NOTE: A presentation will be deleted when the collection is deleted.