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Database access

In the default setup, the communication with the PostgreSQL server (by the easydb asset server and the easydb server) is carried out with a fixed user with a fixed password (named docker) with superuser permissions. This poses no increased risk as the PostgreSQL server is not publically reachable and is used exclusively by the easydb components.

It is possible to harden this setup by using a more secure password.

Change password of user docker


Log into PostgreSQL cluster (as postgres account: only possible with direct access, not via network):

docker exec -ti easydb-pgsql psql -U postgres

Generate a secure password, for these examples, SECUREGENERATEDPASSWORD is used. Update the password of the already existing docker user. While still in psql prompt, use:

\password docker

and enter the password twice.

easydb server

Now it is required to configure the changed password for the running services. For easydb server, set pgsql/password in easydb-server.yml:


The password will be part of the connection DSN. You might have to encode special characters according to PgSQL keyword/value connection string rules and the outer YAML file rules.

easydb asset server

For the easydb asset server, set pgsql/password in eas.yml:


Finally, restart the easydb-server and easydb-eas containers to reload the configuration.