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Information about the current session. Everything is read-only.


These are common attributes that appear in every session:

Name Description
token Session token (string): see /api/session
instance Information about the server instance
api API version (string)
server_version Server version (int)
solution Solution name (string)
user-schema User schema version (int)
name Instance name (string)
frontend_language Session language (string)
frontend_locale Locale corresponding to the session language (object): as read from the locale file
authentication_methods Authentication methods that are allowed (array of objects with “method” string): see /api/session; the first one is the default method
config Configuration
base Base configuration (object): this contains more information if the user is authenticated (*)
defaults Configuration defaults (object)
extensions Configured extensions (object)

(*) In the base configuration settings, the fields that are marked as “unautheticated_visible” are the only ones available for unauthenticated sessions

These are attributes that only appear if the session is authenticated:

Name Description
pending_tasks Pending tasks (array of pending tasks)
current_max_message_id The current maximum event ID: see /api/event
system_rights The system rights of the session (rights specification, r): combined from user and groups ACLs
user User authenticated in this session (user (session))
groups The effective groups the session user belongs to, including system groups (array of groups (short))
authenticated Authentication information:
method - Authentication method (string)
timestamp - When the user was authenticated (timestamp)

Pending task

A pending task is a task that has to be resolved before the authentication process can move forward. All pending tasks have a type field. The other parameters depend on the type of the pending task


A non-permanent message that is associated with the user’s group has not yet been confirmed by the user. Notice that if a message that was already confirmed by a user is updated and its confirm_every_version flag is set, it will be unconfirmed. See the message documentation for more information.

Name Description
type Type of the pending task (string): message
updated Whether this message was already confirmed, but in a previous version (boolean)
message Attributes:
title Message title in the preferred language (string)
message Message content in the preferred language (string)
message_key Key to be passed to /api/session/messages_confirm in order to confirm this task (string)
confirm Confirmation text in the preferred language, or null if no confirmation is required (string)

Set Password

The client has to set a password for the user.

Name Description
type Type of the pending task (string): set_password

System Message

A message generated by the server (as opposed to regular messages, which are created by the administrator). t is used to support operations such as the e-mail confirmation or forgot password process.

Name Description
type Type of the pending task (string): system_message
system_message Attributes:
code CSV key for the system message (string)
parameters Parameters for the CSV key (map string ↦ string)


The client has to log out.

Name Description
type Type of the pending task (string): logout