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ACL Entry

An entry in an Access Control List.

An ACL entry is only valid if active is set to true and the validity specified by when is met.


Name Description
_id ACL entry ID (integer, rw): if set, keep the ACL entry
who User or group this entry applies to (group (short), user (short) or "_owner": true; optional)
when Validity of this ACL entry (object, optional): if not set, the ACL entry has no time restrictions
from - if set, the ACL entry will not be valid until this time has been reached (timestamp, optional)
to - if set, the ACL entry will no longer be valid after this time has passed (timestamp, optional)
date_created Creation date of the ACL entry (timestamp, r)
active Whether this ACL entry is active of not (boolean): defaults to true
rights Rights that are granted (rights specification)
sticky Specifies that this entry should be sticky in hierarchies (boolean, optional): defaults to false
tagfilter Tag filter to be applied to this ACL entry (tag filter, optional)
send_email_notification Send an e-mail notification when updating this ACL entry (see below, w, optional): only in the context of a collection


Although the attributes sticky and tagfilter exist for all ACL, they will be only taken into account under certain circumstances:

"_owner": true as option for who object is currently not implemented in server rights management but only saved and loaded. It should only be used in contexts where who is evaluated by the client, e.g. in _columnfilters in objecttype.

Please refer to the rights management documentation for more details.

Send e-mail notification

The attribute send_email_notification can only be set for collection ACL entries. It triggers the delivery of an e-mail containing information about the collection that has been shared, including a direct link to it. Optionally, a user-defined text. The e-mail goes to the following recipients:

If no e-mails are found, the e-mail will not be sent.

The attribute is a JSON object with the following attributes:

Name Description
text Personalized text to be incorporated in the e-mail body