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EAS-API: /search



key value
instance Name der Zielinstanz
parent_id Suche nach Kindern des mit dieser ID angegeben Assets
*.* Suchfeld und -wert für die Suche

Advanced search functions

The search value supports various functions that influence the search. Only one function can be used per search value.

For efficiency reasons, the EAS sets the values for all keywords in three different tables to get a result often has to be searched in the correct table. Without a search function, equivalence is searched for in text fields.

key type value
Int Integers all integer values
Text Text short strings that do not contain spaces
Text_full fulltext all remaining strings

The following functions are available:

key value
RANGE([<start>],[<end>]) Range search on integer fields. This function must also be used before (version) EAS 4.2.30 also for equivalence search on number fields. Examples:
type.colordepth=RANGE(8,8) # Color depth exactly 8 bits
type.height=RANGE(,1000) # Height up to 1000
type.width=RANGE(200,) # Width from 200
type.pages=RANGE(4,8) # Between 4 and 8 Sides
INT(<value>) Equivalence search on number fields (version)EAS 4.2.30. Example:
type.height=INT(1080) # Height exactly 1080
REGEXP(<regexp>) Search with regular expression in text fields. Example:
type.fileclass=REGEXP(^(audi|vide)o$) # Fileclass “audio” oder “video”
INLIST(<item1>[;<item2> ...]) Equivalence search in text fields according to different search terms. At least one term must be found (OR connection). Example:
type.extension=INLIST(ppt;pptx;doc;docx) # File one from the list
Note: the semicolon is a reserved character within the HTTP query string; It must be URL encoded (%3b).
FULLTEXT(<word>) Search in fulltext field (momentan LIKE '%<word>%'). Example:
metadata.IPTC::ApplicationRecord.IPTC:Caption-Abstract=FULLTEXT(Ente) # Search in the image description for Ente
FULLTEXTEXT(<word>) Wie FULLTEXT(), But it is also searched in text fields