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Here the logs can be displayed in easydb and filtered by type and period. The event log can be downloaded as CSV and deleted completely or selectively.

*Logged Events*

Event Name in front end Explanation
api_call API-Call Logged when making a call to easydb via API.
api_progress If status information is present in running processes, e.g. When saving records.
asset_download Asset was downloaded from easydb.
asset_export_download file download via export An export was carried out and an asset was downloaded from it.
asset_export_transport_copy File copy over transport A transport was carried out. The copy of an asset was sent.
asset_export_transport_copy_scheduled File copy over transport with schedule A transport with timetable was carried out. The copy of an asset was sent.
asset_export_transport_download Download via transport A transport was carried out and an asset was downloaded.
base_config_update Updating the basic configuration The basic configuration has been updated.
collection_owner_rights_error An operation for folders failed because it was not consistent with the rights settings.
detail_view An asset has been called up in the detail view
download_export An export was performed and downloaded.
email_sent Email Delivery An email has been sent.
export_asset File Export An asset has been downloaded.
export_failed Export failed An export failed.
export_finish An export has been completed.
export_insert Export created An export has been created.
export_object Information for Export Generated when a record is exported.
export_start Export started An export has been started.
export_stopped Export suspended An export was stopped.
export_update Export updated An export has been updated.
frontend_error Frontend errors There was a frontend error during an operation.
login_failed Login failed A login attempt failed.
object_deleted record deleted A record has been deleted.
object_index A record has been indexed,
object_insert A record has been created.
object_update Record updated A record has been updated.
resource_not_available Resource not available For example, When a non-existent URL is called or resources to which the rights are missing.
schema_commit Data Model Update The data model has been updated.
search A search request has been sent.
server_shutdown Server-Stop The server is paused.
server_start The server has started.
session_invalid Session invalid An attempt was made to work with a session that was already invalid.
user_accepted_message Communication accepted Generated when a message is sent that requires confirmation.
user_login A user has registered.
user_logout user logout A user has logged out
wordpress_sync Wordpress synchronization Copy assets from easydb to Wordpress
falconio_sync Falconio synchronization Copy assets from easydb to