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Messages are sent to the frontends for user confirmation. Before all pending messages are confirmed by the user, the user can not be fully authenticated. More details in /api/session.


Name Description Search
_basetype Name of the base type (string, r): message
_owner Owner of this message (group (short) or user (short), rw): see below Number*
_groups Groups this message needs to be presented to (array of groups (short), r) Number*
message Message attributes:
_id Message ID (integer, unique, r*) Number
_version Message version (integer, rw)
title Title (l10n, rw) L10n (all)
message Message to show (l10n, rw) L10n (all)
confirmation Message confirmation text (l10n, optional, rw): if set, user confirmation is required
confirm_every_version if set to true, every version of a message has to be confirmed (see confirmation) (defaults to false)
webfrontend_type if set, the message does not generate a pending task but remains for the frontend to show (text, optional) NotAnalyzed
start_time Start time (date, optional, rw) Date
end_time End time (date, optional, rw) Date
webfrontend_props Webfrontend properties (json, optional)
reference Message reference (string, unique, optional, rw)


The message always has an owner. On creation, it is set automatically by the server to the message’s creator, but the API won’t complain if it is explicitly set. It will return an error if it is set to something different. The owner cannot be set to null but can always be left out, meaning that it should not be changed.