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Node runner

The node runner is a small node application that is used to invoke javascript code from the server.

At the moment it’s used by two easydb features: automatic updater for custom data types and webhooks


The javascript code needs to export a main method that will be used as entry point by the node-runner.

The method main receives one parameter which is the payload, and its structure varies depending on the plugin.

To return data it’s necessary to use the method ez5.respondSuccess or ez5.respondError, because those two methods wrap the data that you want to return and write it to the standard output because that’s how the easydb-server communicates with the node-runner.


Receives two parameters: body and statusCode (default value 200)


Receives three parameters: messageCode, parameters (default value {}) and statusCode (default value 400)

The parameters messageCode and parameters are explained here


The node-runner’s response have the following structure.

key description
headers key, value Map with the HTTP-Headers to be set. There is only one value per key possible.
status_code The status code for the HTTP response.
body Body used in ez5.respondSuccess and ez5.respondError. It could be any type since it will be converted into a string.


The node-runner provides a few dependencies that can be used via required(), but it is also possible to add own dependencies.

Own dependencies

It’s necessary to have a node_modules directory (which should be created by using npm) in the build directory of the plugin.

The Example webhook is a good example to see how to set it up correctly.

Provided dependencies

It is not necessary to require the dependencies coffeescript-ui and ez5 because they can be accessed globally via CUI and ez5 respectively.

The dependency coffeescript-ui provides useful methods. For example CUI.util.*


Basic coffeescript example

class CoffeescriptExample
	main: (payload) ->
		return ez5.respondSuccess(payload)
module.exports = new CoffeescriptExample()

More examples: