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Rights management for pools and collections

These rights affect the manipulation and visibility of pools and collections. In order to separate them from object rights, they begin with “bag”.

The root pool and root collection do not have these rights, but instead use the system.rightsmanagement (see system rights).


The rights management for pools and collections are simpler than that of objects. The rights are given in their respective realms (pool / collection) and are inherited just like in the case of object rights. There is no rights mangement across realms.

You can find a description of how the realms work in rights management for objects.


Right Parameters Realm Description
bag_read - pool Pool can be searched and viewed in “search” format
bag_read - collection Collection can be searched and viewed
bag_write - pool Pool can be written and viewed in “full” format
bag_write - collection Collection can be written
bag_delete - pool, collection Pool / collection can be deleted
bag_acl - pool, collection ACL of the pool / collection can be changed
bag_create - pool, collection Create subpools / subcollections inside this pool / collection

Right dependencies

The following dependencies exist:

ACL properties

Tagfilters and the “grantable” flag will be ignored by these rights.

The attribute sticky is used the same way as described for object-related rights.