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easydb Technical Overview

easydb is a full featured data and digital asset management system build on top of the Open Source Technologies:

The system easydb consists of three major parts


All services are connected using HTTP(S) and can be installed on different servers. The EAS data store can be local, SAS or NAS. EAS stores file as actual files, all metadata is store in an RDBMS (Postgresql), the Elasticsearch index is used only for searches and thus a copy of the SQL-data.

easydb is packaged as a Docker image and runs on many Linux distributions.

Elasticsearch can be installed on multiple machines for best performance result.

Docker integration

This is covered in System Administration: Docker integration.


easydb server and easydb webfrontend has full plugin support. Plugins for the server are written in Python and for the Webfrontend in Javascript (or any other browser language). Many features of the easydb server can be intercepted, such as object get & store or search.

easydb asset server (EAS)

EAS is a distributable storage system with a simple programming HTTP-API with JSON output. It does not have a graphical frontend. EAS stores all file formats and is able to produce derived versions for many of them.

The EAS as the central management system for files (assets) supports:

The technical features of the EAS

easydb server

easydb server is C++-Server with Python-Plugin-Extensions with the following features:


The main features of easydb server are:


The API support all features of the server and is the only way to interact with the server.


easydb server stores it’s data in the following backend systems:

easydb webfrontend

easydb webfrontend is a HTML5/Javascript Application written in Coffeescript/Javascript to utilize all features of the easydb server.

Browsers supported:

The webfrontend supports all features of the easydb server.

The frontend has some special features: