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The functional range of easydb can be extended via so-called plugins. For example, external vocabularies can be integrated, inventory numbers can be generated or content management systems can be connected.

Plugins can be developed not only by Programmfabrik GmbH, but with appropriate know-how also in-house or by external partners. More information about the development of plugins can be found in the technical documentation.

Many plugins developed either by Progrmmfabrik GmbH or by external partners are available as open source plugins on the official Github account of the program factory.

In addition, there are the following paid plugins:

A distinction is made between frontend and server plugins:

Frontend Server
Programming languages
  • CoffeeScript (converted to JavaScript)
  • CSS
  • Python 3
  • SQL
  • Automatic generation of inventory numbers
  • OAI Interface for exporting objects
  • Import files from WebDAV folders via Hotfolder
  • Formatting exports into any other formats
  • Download of collection presentations in PowerPoint format