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Auto Keyworder

Base Configuration

All AI services are configured in the base config in the “Auto Keyworder” tab.

The Plugin checks the base config for changes with a delay of baseconfig_poll_interval_sec seconds after any currently running worker has finished. This value is defined in the server configuration.

Option Description
Service active Enable/disable the complete Auto-Keyworder process
Start update process after saving Enable this to ignore the calculated next run time of the workers. Instead, start as soon as possible after the base configuration was saved
  • Internal representation: value start_now , which can also be set by an API call
  • This value is not persistent but only valid once. Every time it is set to True , the plugin sets this value to False after it is read
easydb API user and easydb API user password
  • mandatory (if easydb API Session Token is not set)
  • Login and password of a special user which can perform searches and object updates in easydb
  • This plugin uses the easydb API endpoints /api/v1/search and /api/v1/db
  • The user needs at least the following rights on objecttypes (or pools repectively):
    • write right on all objecttypes that are configured for updating
    • mask right on a mask that allows editing of all fields that are updated
    • asset_show right on the selected asset fields, so the plugin can transfer the image data to the AI service
    • bag_read on the pool if the objects are pool managed
    • if the keywords are stored in linked objects, the user needs the following rights on the linked objecttype(s):
      • read to be able to search for existing linked objects
      • mask right on a mask that allows reading and writing the value of the keyword text field
      • create right to be able to create new linked objects
easydb API Session Token
  • mandatory (if easydb API user and easydb API user password are not set)
  • Authenitcated token of the user which can perform searches and object updates in easydb
  • If this is set, easydb API user and easydb API user password are ignored

Configurations for different services

Configurations for different services and objecttype setups are saved in multiple configuration blocks:

Option Description
Enable this configuration ( true/false ) Enable/disable this configuration block
Name of this configuration To help debugging, you can give a specific name for this configuration (optional)
Service The AI service provider - currently, only is implemented
  • mandatory
  • Objecttype for updating keywords
  • Only objecttypes with the following requirements can be selected:
    • At least one asset (image)
    • At least one text field (on top level, in a nested table or in a linked object in a nested table) where the generated keywords are saved
    • At least one datetime field where the timestamp of the last successful update of the object is saved
Target field for image subject Text field where the image subject is saved (optional)
Target field for keywords
  • mandatory
  • Text field where keywords are saved
  • If the field is in a nested table, each keyword is saved in a new row, else the keywords are comma separated
  • If the field is a multi language field, the keywords are saved for the specified language (see below)
  • If the field is in a linked object, the plugin searches if a linked object with the keyword already exisits. If not, a new object is created before linking it to the updated object
Target field for quantity Text field where the quantity is saved
Target field for gender Text field where genders are saved
Target field for material Text field where materials are saved
Target field for color Text field where colors are saved
Target field for timestamp
  • mandatory
  • must be a datetime field to store a complete timestamp
  • After a object was successfully updated, the timestamp is saved in this field
  • Only objects are searched where this field is unset, or where the timestamp is older than the specified max age (see below)
Tagfilter to mark objects for auto keyword generation
  • mandatory
  • Define a tag filter to mark objects that should be updated
  • Only objects are searched where the specfified tags are set / unset respectively
Minimal age since the last keyword generating
  • mandatory
  • Time since this object was last updated, in days
  • Only objects are searched where the timestamp field is unset, or where the timestamp is older than this age
  • Minimum: 1
  • Defaults to 7
  • If you want to overwrite data in objects that were updated too recently, you have to delete this timestamp in the objects
Language for Keywords
  • mandatory
  • Language in which the keywords are requested
  • Depending on the AI service, the language can be used
  • The following languages are usable:
    • german: de-DE
    • english: en-US
    • spanish: es-ES
    • italian: it-IT
    • arabic: ar
    • czech: cs-CZ
    • farsi (persian): fa
    • french: fr-FR
    • japanese: ja-Jpan
    • georgian: ka-GE
    • korean: ko-Kore
    • dutch: nl-NL
    • polish: pl-PL
    • russian: ru-RU
    • chinese: zh-Hans
  • Language settings for
    • The language is sent via the API
    • The subject ( name ) of the analyzed image is returned in this language
    • The keywords are returned in the language that is configured in the Cloudsight project for the given API key. This configuration is separate and independant from easydb.
    • For best results, the language in which the Cloudsight project is configured should be selected, so that the keywords and the subject are saved in the same language