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EAS-API: /zoomer

Returns a tile or thumbnail for the zoomer


From version 4.2.37, the EAS for /zoomer also supports the following syntax:[/size320][/avoid_interpolation]/part2x1.jpg?instance=example


The path parts to zoomer are structured as follows:

The zoom factor is specified by the target dimension. That is, the image is zoomed so that the width of the resulting image is as large as this parameter. The zoom factor is: destdim / image_width.

In the example, if the original image is (3840x1200), the zoom factor is 1920/3840 = 0.5. The zoomed image is (1920x600).

If avoid_interpolation is set, the zoom factor must be less than 1 or a natural number. This means: 0.5 is allowed, but 1.5 is not allowed.


key value
Instance Name of the target entity