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You can run the easydb processes as a nonroot user.

run easydb processes as nonroot user

To switch the user which runs the easydb processes, add the UID and GID of that user to your yml-configuration, e.g. in easydb-server.yml:

  euid: 33
  egid: 33

and change the owner of the following directories:

chown www-data:www-data \
  /srv/easydb/easydb-server/var \
  /srv/easydb/easydb-server/nginx-log \

The default is: root.

If you use WebDAV with the hotfolder plugin, you have to use the ID of the user root or www-data. Otherwise the user is not authorized to create the files and folders inside the hotfolder.

Make sure to not duplicate lines in the same file. For example, do not put server: twice into the same yml-file.

easydb-server.yml is part of the directory config in your central data storage directory which was set up during installation.