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Barcode plugin

This plugin is a custom mask splitter.

It can be used to render different types of barcodes. The library used to generate the barcode is JsBarcode, therefore all supported barcodes will depend on which ones the library supports.

The barcode represents a value of an available field in the mask. The type of the field needs to be text (not multilingual).


Since it’s a custom mask splitter, it needs to be added as a splitter in the mask editor.

Then it is necessary to open its mask splitter options to configure which field should be used. It’s also possible to set two other options: Type and Barcode type.

The default option for Type is Barcode, and when that option is selected, it’s possible to change the Barcode Type to CODE128, CODE39, or other.

The second Type is QR, which basically generates a QR code instead of a Barcode.

After that, the barcode will be visible in the detail & editor if the selected field has a value.

PDF creator extension

It has an extension which can be used in the pdf-creator