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Enable easydb-custom-data-type-gazetteer

in easydb-server.yml:

    - base.custom-data-type-gazetteer

Server YAML Variables to configure the Gazetteer Plugin

The server part of this plugin uses NodeJS to run the update.js script to get data from the gazetteer repository This data is used to insert hierarchic objects into the gazetteer tree in easydb5.

The plugin uses the general NodeJS settings of the server:

  node_modules: "../../node-runner/node_modules"
  node_runner_binary: "/usr/bin/env node"
  node_runner_app: "../../node-runner/app.js"
Variable Type Required Description Default
nodejs List No Parent element which contains the configuration for easydb’s NodeJS installation
node_modules string No Path to the node_modules folder ../../node-runner/node_modules (relative to easydb-server executable)
node_runner_binary string No Path to the NodeJS installation on the system /usr/bin/env node
node_runner_app string No Path to the noderunner main app ../../node-runner/app.js (relative to easydb-server executable)