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Display field values plugin

This plugin is a custom mask splitter.

It can be used to render multiple field values of the object as a new field, with extra custom text.


Since it’s a custom mask splitter, it needs to be added as a splitter in the mask editor.

Then it is necessary to open its mask splitter options to configure it.



It’s possible to see all possible replacements by clicking in the link button show replacements that is located below the option text to show

It’s only possible to use fields in the same level of the splitter, therefore fields within a nested would be possible to use when the mask splitter is inside the nested.

Almost every field replacement will consist of its name surrounded by ‘%’, for example: %my_field%

Special cases

For date range fields there will be two replacements, one to show the from value and another one to show the to value:

For localized text fields there will be one replacement per database language, and one to use the best possible:

Url encoded

For every existing replacement, there will be an extra version where the value is url encoded. It’s necessary to append :urlencoded before the last %. For example: