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Auto Keyworder Plugin

This page describes the server configuration in easydb-server.yml for the Auto Keyworder Plugin.

Enabling the plugin

To use the plugin, it must be enabled in easydb-server.yml:


Basic Settings

The following configuration must be added to easydb-server.yml:

Logging levels

The plugin has different log levels, the top level debugger is pf.plugin.base.auto_keyworder.

For detailled logging, the log level for the following loggers can be set to debug:

The loggers cloudsight.config, search and easydb_api are very verbose and print the parsed base configurations, search requests and responses, and the object data that are sent to the easydb api as JSON objects to the console. Only activate these loggers if necessary.

Example Configuration in easydb-server.yml

  baseconfig_poll_interval_sec: 30
  poll_start_hour: 0
  poll_every_days: 3
  search_chunk_size: 500
  webhook_hmac: '894wf76w93487t3f9'