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Easydb Types

This section describes the types used by the easydb API. Unless otherwise stated, the types are represented as JSON objects. For the attributes description, the following rules apply:


The Easydb types that can appear as results in /api/search have an additional column. This column tells if and how a field is indexed . If nothing is specified, the field is not indexed, which means it cannot be used as a valid field value in /api/search for searching, sorting or faceting. If the column contains “not present”, it means that the field is not stored in the index, which means that it will not be visible in search results.

If the field is index, the column has the following information:

<type>[ (all)]

The search types are:

The /api/search documentation specifies which types can be used in each part of the search definition. For instance, the search parameter “match” only accepts Text, String and L10n fields.

(all) means that the field will be searched if no fields are given (search in “all” fields).