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Set up multitanancy based on the rights management

The rights management in easydb can be used to separate administrative responsibilities for departments at pool level. Accordingly, an administrator is set up for each pool. In the following configuration example, different departments (pools) are set up with their own administrators and user groups.

This use case consist of 3 user groups for each department:

Via the user group management, the groups are set up and the rights are assigned. The user group Department-Admins requires the following system rights:

The Department-admins also require rights for the groups Department-Write and Department-Read. For this purpose, a new line must be added to these two groups in the tab Rights, where the Department-Admins need to be added.

The following checkboxes must be set:

Department-Admins require the right “Create subpool” at pool level, to create additional pools within the department pool. For this purpose, the department pool is selected in pool management. A new line must be added to the rights tab and the Department-Admins group must be selected. The checkbox “Create subpools” must be activated via Modify rights.

By saving the settings, the set rights apply to the user groups and pools.