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Data management

Data management includes creating, searching, changing, and deleting records in easydb. The area contains the following menu items:

Menu navigation

Data management Description
New records… New records are created via the menu item New… in easydb. Also, files can be simply drag & drop. From the desktop in easydb. Select the desired files on your desktop with the left mouse button and drag them into easydb. When dropping, the * New Records * dialog will open automatically
Search Records that are created as primary object types (for example, Images) can be searched, modified, deleted, and managed in Search. Collections are used to collect a set of records (grouped) or to release them to other users. Sub-object types (for example, Photographers, Categories, Keywords, etc.) are records that can be descriptively completed and attached to main object types
Lists In Lists main and secondary object types (for example, photographers) can be searched for, modified, and deleted

Details on file versions, data types and masks are explained in detail in their own chapters.