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Register as a user

Once set up, users can register themselves for easydb. If easydb is opened in the browser, the button for registration appears in the upper right corner of the browser.


Set up self-registration as an admin

To set up a public access with self-registration, the easydb administrator must place the following settings.

1) Make settings in the basic configuration

PATH: Basic Configuration> Tab: Login

Basic Configuration: Login

2) Adjust system rights for user group

PATH: Rights management> Groups/Roles> Anonymous users> Tab: System rights

Please note that you should either check the “Login” box for self-registration or alternatively “Set email option: Use for login”. Otherwise, it will not be possible for the user to log in.

System permissions for Anonymous Users

3) Share content for the groups/roles “Anonymous Users”

PATH: Tags & Workflows> Tabs: Tags

Create Release

PATH: Pool Management> Pools> Pool (level)> Tab: Permissions

Pool Authorization

4) Include a message (optionally with confirmation checkbox)

Optionally, a message for the user can be included in the registration form. This option is available via messages in the main menu. Select there the option ‘Permanent notice on the self-registration form’. These can be, for example, general information or terms of use. A link text appears at the bottom of the form, via which the message is displayed in a pop-up window. Optionally, it is possible to include a checkbox, if reading the text needs to be obligatory before completing the registration process.