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The search is called in the main menu via the button.


Area Note
Quick access Quick access is similar to a bookmark in the browser, and includes Saved searches, Edited Today and Collections organized into custom and shared folders
Search The line Search can be used to select which pools and object types to search for. In the search field, a full-text search can be carried out with any number of search elements. On the right, the Expert search can be opened to search specifically in selected fields. Both options together with the filters can be combined with each other
Filter By combining Filters, the amount of hits can be sharpened step by step.
Display and sorting The display can be selected as a gallery, text or table from the layout, and the display type can be defined more precisely. The results can be sorted in two steps. For this purpose, a primary and a secondary criterion is optionally selected
Hit Display Displays the hits as a result of the search. Without input in the search, all available records are displayed in descending ID order
Detailed View and Editor A selected record from the hits can be opened in the detail view. For this, the detailed view can be displayed as shown in the Sidebar or in the full screen. From the detailed view or, optionally, the context menu, the Editor can be started to edit records.