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Importing flat lists

Flat lists contain entries that all have the same rank. These lists can consist of only one field, or they can consist of multiple fields. The CSV file must contain a column header. This can be freely assigned. It is recommended to use meaningful names, because these names will be used later during mapping. If the column headers in the CSV file correspond to the internal field names in easydb, the field mapping is done automatically.

Please also note the general notes.

Example file “keywords


example file “persons

first name last name birthplace remark
Steve Jobs United States > California > San Francisco Co-founder of Apple Inc.
Bill Gates United States > Washington > Seattle Founder of Microsoft
Mark Zuckerberg United States > New York > White Plains Founder of Facebook Inc.

In our example, the birthplace is a link to a hierarchical list. See also Data types - Simple linking with hierarchical list.