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EAS-API: /produce



key value
instance Instance name (required)
version Name of the target version (necessary)
custom additional data to be managed by EAS
priority Priority of the task, default: 0, higher is more important (from 4.1.1)
rebuild 1: rebuild the version if it already exists
new_original 1: the version becomes a new derived asset
no_link_to_orig 1: in conjunction with new_original the version becomes a new original without reference to the source (from 4.2.37)
thumbnailsize if set, a thumbnail version of this size is created (for example 128x128)
——————– —————————————————-
target_format File format of the version
target_size Size (e.g. 128, 640x480, x12 or 45x)
target_page a page is to be extracted (counting starts at 0)
target_extractdpi When converting Office documents to images, this DPI number should be used (default:300)
target_metadata JSON list of rows for Exiftool for writing metadata (see option - from Exiftool)
target_rotate Angle of rotation in degrees
target_mirror Mirroring at the specified axis ( x or y)
target_crop Cut out an image area ( <w> x <h> + <x> + <y>, for example 400x300 + 100 + 30 )
target_size_force 1: Force Size (Disallow Aspect Ratio)
target_size_limit 1: Do not create version if the original size is smaller than the requested size
Target_size_min 1: Specified size is desired minimum and not maximum size (from (version) version 4.2.47)
target_no_enlarge 1: Do not enlarge if the original size is smaller than the requested size (from (version) version 4.2.34)
target_dpi DPI setting for the output file (does not affect the size)
target_wm_image Watermark image to be included in the version (specified with absolute path, which is readable for www-data).
target_wm_dissolve Watermark transparency (from 0- invisible - up to 100- covering - the default is 50)
target_wm_gravity Aligning the watermark (direction of the sky), an option from: c (default), n, e, s, w, ne, nw, se, Sw
target_wm_size 100x100 or 50% x50% (default: 100% x100%;
target_wm_tile 1: Watermark is tiled. Target_wm_gravity is not taken into account in this case. (Ab (version) version 4.2.36)
target_colorspace Color space, tested with rgb, cmyk and gray
target_numcolors Number of colors, possible values: 2 .. 256 , 32k , 64k , 16m. The color depth is correspondingly adjusted to 8, 15, 16 and 32 bits, respectively. (From 4.1.1)
target_alpha Transparency settings, an option from on , off , set order opaque (default off ; see also “ImageMagick documentation”: http: // /script/command-line-options.php#alpha)
target_profile File name of a color profile file for convert . If only a file name is specified without a path, the profile file is searched (starting from 4.1.1) in the eas/data directory of the EAS
target_quality Quality of the output file from 0 to 100 (depending on the output format)
target_compress Compression method for output file (depending on format, for example lzw )
target_strip 1: remove all metadata
target_no_rgb 1: no automatic conversion to RGB
target_no_autorot 1: no automatic rotation/mirroring using EXIF ​​tags
target_zoomer 1: Preparing the version for the zoomer ( target_format must be jpg )
target_duration Number of seconds from beginning to be calculated for a video version. If not set, the complete video will be converted. (Ab (version) Version 4.2.32)
target_audio_bitrate Audio bit rate for video and audio files, e.g. 160k (ab (version) Version 4.2.49)
target_audio_bitrate Video bit rate for video, e.g. 800k (ab (version) Version 4.2.49)
——————– —————————————————-
target_commandfile Command file for automator requests
target_fail_on_error 1: If the addition of individual assets fails, the processing of the command file is aborted (for target_commandfile, ab (version) version 4.2.33)


Transformations are performed in the following order: